Activate more users with onboarding reminders

Day 1 retention is 40% higher for users who receive onboarding reminders.


Every app has a specific set of onboarding milestones that users have to go through in order to get activated. These can be things such as a registering for an account, completing your first search, or adding your first item to your cart. Use Leanplum to send automated notifications to users to remind them to complete the necessary steps.



Increase retention.

Once users complete specific steps and have put time into an application via the onboarding process, they are much more invested in it. This increases the chances that the users will come back and continue to engage with the app.


Personalize the onboarding experience.

In a typical app, each onboarding milestone is superseded by the next. For example, first you need to complete your first search before you can add an item to your cart. You can setup your onboarding reminder campaigns to automatically cancel if the next milestone is reached within a certain timeframe. That way, each user will get a unique set of onboarding reminders based on where they drop off in the onboarding funnel.


Learn how to set up personalized onboarding reminders.



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