Reduce one-time user activation drop-off

30% of app users use an app once.


On average, three out of 10 users use an app only once and never come back again to re-engage. This may be due to the app not being top of mind or users not understanding the value that the app brings. Leanplum allows apps to create campaigns that re-engage one-time users to bring them back to the app to become long-time users. As a best practice, use messaging to promote the value of your app as opposed to driving users to take a particular action within the app. But don’t take our word for it, A/B test it!




Increase overall retention.

By sending a message to users that have only used the app once, you increase the overall likelihood of them coming back to the app and re-engaging. You are given a second chance to engage and delight these users so that they become long time fans.


Get the most out of your user acquisition.

Users are expensive to obtain! If you’re paying for the acquisition of users through varying publishers, a third of your budget is practically wasted if those users are never coming back. Re-activate those users with the right messaging.


Create custom messaging based on the first session to increase engagement.

Capture pertinent information about your users during their first session such as name, interactions and registration status. Also leverage out-of-the-box contextual information such as location. You can then use this specific information to personalize the message that is sent to the user to increase the likelihood that they will interact and come back to the app.


Learn how to set up the One Time User Reactivation.


Critical Use Cases: Mastering the First-Time User Experience

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