Optimize your onboarding tutorial

20% of your users will abandon your app within 30 seconds.



Tutorials are the first thing your users engage with when they open the app for the first time. Getting a user through the complete tutorial process can be the difference between retaining an engaged user and losing a potentially valuable one. Use Leanplum to test varying tutorial screens for the best completion rate.




Increase user engagement.

Create multiple versions of the tutorial your users go through and A/B test them to measure which results in the most users finishing the process. Continue to iterate so that you get the highest completion and retention rates. Make sure to measure downstream effects on engagement. For example, adding more content upfront can increase friction and reduce onboarding completion rates but increase overall lifetime value.


Improve overall understanding of the app.

A tutorial’s key purpose is to educate users on how to use the app and get the most of it. By optimizing your tutorial process, you’ll do a better job communicating key functions to your audience and increase overall enjoyment.



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