Announce new features

Only 21% of users on iOS and 76% on Android upgrade to the latest version of your app within a week of it going live.



App teams are hard at work building new functionality and new features to delight users. Now that functionality is there, how do you alert users to its presence? Use Leanplum to create in-app messages that inform your users of the new features when they open the updated app for the first time. For those users who are still on the old app version, make sure to direct them to upgrade.




Increase feature adoption.

Users can’t use a feature unless they know about it! By alerting your users to the new feature available and detailing out the value that it brings, more users are likely to give it a try.


Encourage app updates.

Often times a new feature becomes available with the most recent version of the app. Inform users that by updating to the newest version, they unlock access to the new functionality.


Learn how to set up new feature announcements.



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