Increase holiday spend

Users who are sent holiday promotions search for items 20% more than average.



Holidays are peak spending times for your users. Use Leanplum to serve users holiday promotions and discounts that will entice them to spend more or engage with your app.


Your Benefit


Increase purchase rates.

By providing your users with a holiday promotion, they are more likely to make a purchase.


Increase engagement.

When serving a holiday promotion to users, they are more likely to come back to the app and see how they can take advantage of it.


Personalize the promotion.

Apps can use loyalty status or other specific user aspects to further customize the promotion to the users. Maybe reference a past search to entice users or remark that their loyalty status has made them eligible for a better holiday discount. With Leanplum, you can also deliver the promotion at the most optimal time for each user. By customizing the message delivery, the users are much more likely to engage with it.


Learn how to set up holiday promotions.


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