Encourage early monetization to drive customer LTV

Only 0.1% of users make in-app purchases on their first day.



Use Leanplum to encourage new users to make a purchase within the first three days of app install by offering them discounts and promotions via notifications. Users who monetize early, even with a small purchase, are much more likely to be repeat purchasers.




Increase retention.

Users who monetized early on in the app become invested in their usage and are much more likely to return again and again. The more a user spends, the stronger their entrenchment in the app. Encouraging users to spend early on will only increase the apps retention with engaged, loyal spenders.


Increase customer LTV.

When a user spends earlier on, not only are they more engaged, but they are also much more likely to spend again. By getting a user to convert early in their usage, the app will drive a much larger lifetime value per user.


Learn how to set up an early monetization campaign.


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