Get more 5-star app ratings

40% of apps have less than three-star ratings.



Current users can be your best resource for app promotion. Making users your champions and utilizing them to make recommendations can be a very powerful thing. Use Leanplum to encourage your most engaged, happy users to give your app a positive rating on the App Store via an in-app message linking them directly to the App Store.




Increase the number of 5 star ratings.


Users might not think to rate your app unless they have had a poor experience. Leanplum allows you to encourage your most loyal users to rate the app and then link them directly to the App Store. This keeps the action top of mind and takes the work off of them having to search for the app, therefore increasing the number of positive ratings received.


Encourage users at a time of optimal happiness.


Serve users the request when they have experienced a moment of happiness in the app such as completing a purchase, saving an item, completing a level, or favoriting a piece of content. By serving the request at a key moment of delight, the user is much more likely to leave a positive comment.


Respond to negative comments directly.


When users are served the request to rate the app, you can first ask if they had a positive experience. If they say no, you can direct them to a place to leave negative feedback via customer support or another feedback channel. This will allow you to address complaints directly.


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