Campaign Composer

What Is the Campaign Composer?

Campaign Composer, now in beta, is a brand new feature for marketers to visualize and build their messaging campaigns, allowing them to engage with users throughout the customer journey. The feature gives marketers a bird’s eye view of their multi-step, omni-channel drip campaigns at a single glance. With Campaign Composer, app teams can build campaigns that span push notifications, in-app messages, email, web push, App Inbox, and the in-app user experience, ensuring they reach customers at the right moment every time.

How Does the Campaign Composer Work?

The Campaign Composer is an essential tool for marketers who want to meet their KPIs at every step in the customer journey. Roughly speaking, the customer journey extends from the moment of app download to customer engagement and re-activation after a longer period of time. The journey is cyclical, meaning that customers should continue to engage with the app even after making a purchase.

Marketers can use Campaign Composer to test a variety of different messaging channels and determine which are most effective for conversions. This may vary depending on the type of app, such as a retail app or flight booking app. Each audience may also respond differently to various types of messaging. From push notifications to email, marketers can use Campaign Composer to create campaigns and maximize effectiveness for each audience.

The benefits of Campaign Composer can be felt straight away, right from the onboarding process. Marketers could use the tool to remind users to complete the registration process, for instance. This is doable by setting the app’s Entry trigger to “User first starts app” and the Exit trigger to “User triggers Event.” With the event set to “Sign Up,” users will be added to the campaign and then automatically removed when they register.

Later on, marketers can optimize these campaigns even further. If a push notification campaign for a flight booking app is personalized based upon user location, then app teams can configure these messages to appear when a user reaches the airport. This is especially valuable if the flight’s gate changes while the person is at the airport. This campaign makes use of both personalization (using GPS data) and automation.

By the same token, marketers can apply automation within other types of campaigns to re-engage users. The Campaign Composer can help marketers use analytics to review when an app user has last engaged, and automatically alert them if they have not been active for a specific amount of time.

What Does the Campaign Composer Mean For Marketers?

Campaign Composer provides marketers with all the tools they need in one easy-to-use platform, rather than having to rely on third-party providers. This ensures that all data is relevant and correct. By maintaining only one platform, marketers save time while acquiring, engaging, and retaining users, helping them achieve a healthy return on investment.