GDPR Readiness With Leanplum

Leanplum is fully committed to enabling General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance for all customers, consequently ensuring data protection and privacy for all of their users.

To help our customers meet the new obligations of data privacy, we’ve created a collection of compliance resources to ensure that you’re prepared for the ensuing data protections for users.

Are You GDPR Compliant?

The GDPR harmonizes privacy laws for the European Union. Leanplum is fully GDPR compliant given the significant updates to our technology, website, and policies — ensuring the highest degree of security and privacy for your global arena.


Consumers (a.k.a. Data Subjects) have the right to protect their data under the GDPR regulations. In an effort to edify our customers (a.k.a. Data Controllers), we’ve created these easy reference resources that cover everything from territorial scope, consent, and breach notification, to data subject rights and data privacy issues.

GDPR Resources

We’re here to help

We recommend that you consult with your legal team about GDPR exposures specific to your organization. 


Leanplum customers are required under the GDPR to include certain terms and information in their subscription agreement with us. Please connect with your Customer Success Manager to authorize the Leanplum Data Processing Addendum that incorporates all the GDPR-required terms.

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