Leanplum enables mobile teams to quickly go from insight to action using the lean cycle of releasing, analyzing and optimizing content and messaging. Start using our fully integrated solution in minutes!

For the complete setup steps to implement our SDK, see our setup guide. To view detailed docs, you can view the generated iOS docs. You can also view the code on Github.

Setup Guide: Learn how to download and install our SDK in your app.

Supports iOS 7.0 and above.


Leverage Leanplum's Messaging feature to communicate with your users via highly relevant and personalized in-app messages and push notifications. Create precisely targeted messaging campaigns by geography, past behavior and user attribute, to ensure the highest response rates and downstream conversion rates. For even more advanced functionality, link a push notification and an in-app message, or two in-app messages together to create entirely new user flows.

Drop in our SDK and you're ready to go with Messaging. Claim lost revenue by notifying users who abandon their cart. Message specific user segments with relevant announcements and special offers to drive re-engagement and higher retention. Of course, you can also A/B test and optimize the content of your messaging templates and push notifications.


Variables and resources will automatically appear in the Variables tab once they are detected by the SDK. The Variables tab gives you the ability to change your app on the fly, without needing to write any additional code or waiting for App Store approval. You can instantly preview changes on your device. After you publish your changes, your users will see any updates the next time they open the app. You can also target content to particular user segments in order to personalize your in-app experience.


The Analytics tab shows you how your app is performing, by any number of specified goals and key performance indicators. With 19 out-of-the-box metrics, you can start gathering intelligence on your app from the moment the SDK is integrated. Use funnels to see how your users are dropping off, or cohort analysis to study how user behavior is changing over time. By seeing which metrics need to be improved, you can decide which A/B tests you need to run. And with confidence intervals calculated on all metrics, you'll know which metrics were impacted the most. We're constantly working behind the scenes to make sure you have the most actionable data to drive insights.

A/B Testing

It's important to continuously run A/B tests to optimize new content or features inside your mobile app. We've made our dashboard flexible so that it's compatible with your workflow. It's easy to run multiple A/B tests at once or edit currently running tests.

Creating an A/B test is easy. Choose what goals you want to optimize, the segment of users you want to target, and the percentage of users who should see each variant. Then, create variations of your content or messages. Don't forget to preview each variant on your device before going live.


Once you've collected enough data (we recommend at least 1 week in order to measure retention and capture weekly variations), you can view the results of your A/B tests. We alert you of statistically significant changes in any your metrics automatically, even metrics you didn't track as specific goals. We support rich visualizations, such as funnels and stack graphs, and you can drill down into your data by grouping and filtering on different user segments to get the most granular insights.


We've made it easy to surface the insights you need, but ultimately it's your call which changes you want to make to your app. It's easy to launch the winner by clicking Finish, which will launch your changes to 100% of your targeted users in Leanplum Variables and Messaging.


Setup Guide: Learn how to download and install our SDK in your app.