User Interface Editor

You can edit your app's user interface (UI) using the Leanplum Visual Editor. You only need to add com.leanplum:UIEditor as a dependency. It is activated by including the package in your build.gradle (module) file, without the need for calling any method.

dependencies {

  compile 'com.leanplum:Leanplum:2.+'
  compile 'com.leanplum:UIEditor:2.+'


Older versions of our SDK (< 2.0.0) included the UI Editor in the Leanplum package. If you are using one of these versions, you need to call Leanplum.allowInterfaceEditing() before Leanplum.start() to activate the UI Editor.

UI Editor

Then, run your app in development mode, and click the UI tab in the Dashboard.

UI tab

To create a new interface click the New button.

  1. Navigate and scroll to any screen in your app you would like to change
  2. Click any element in the Editor to start editing.
  3. Turn your device sideways to see landscape view.

Once you select an element, like a button, you can edit its properties on the right side of the Editor.

UI edit button

To publish your interface, click Save & Exit.

This will load the saved interface to the UI Dashboard, where you can target the new interface to select users or targets, or A/B test it.

UI options

To publish the interface, click the circle next to your interface name and click Active.

UI activate

Visual Events

Create a new event

To create a new event, run your device in development mode. Then, from the Events tab, click Create Visual Event.

  1. Follow the instructions to select a view or element to attach an event.

    how to create an event

  2. Give your event a name and click Save & Exit

    name your event

View results for an event

You can track the occurences of this event in Analytics.

  1. In the sidebar, click Developer Activity.
  2. In the Daily Breakdown section, click the + button.
  3. Under Events select the one you created and determine which metrics you wish to track. selent the event
  4. To ensure your event tracking is working, run your app in developer mode and perform the event that you chose in step 4. 5. You should see the value on your tile increase to 1.

If you wish to track the metric on release builds, please wait about 2 hours and follow steps 2 and 3 for the "User Activity" tab on the sidebar.