We noticed a large number of users who reached the limits of their free usage but failed to buy a subscription. Leanplum helped us turn them into paying users

Saket Toshniwal,
Project Manager & CRM Lead at LOVOO

Engagement Goals

Since 2011, LOVOO has been a friendly online location for chatting and getting to know new people. The majority of LOVOO’s millions of users turn to its mobile app every day to find matches among other users in their area, watch live video streams, and strike up conversations.

The company is in the business of building relationships, and that includes nurturing its users through the customer relationship lifecycle, from activation to retention and monetization. LOVOO wanted to experiment with a mix of campaigns to engage non-active users, including users who installed and opened the app, but didn’t complete a registration.

Driving subscription revenue was another priority. LOVOO monetizes its app through multiple channels, including video gifting and in-app advertising, but subscriptions are the key to driving growth and enabling users to explore the app to its fullest. In addition, as LOVOO pushes into new markets internationally, it needs to find out which offers work best in those locations.

To meet these engagement goals, LOVOO turned to Leanplum.


Mobile retention is the company’s number one challenge. LOVOO has experienced massive growth; Leanplum is central to its strategy to convert newly acquired users into loyal, long-term customers. For example, LOVOO wanted to help users understand the value they could unlock by completing the registration process. A reminder sent via Leanplum’s push notification feature increased successful registrations by a double-digit percentage.

LOVOO used Leanplum’s A/B testing capabilities to find the best ways to motivate users to move from free usage into paid subscription. The company tested variables such as free trials of different lengths and reduced subscription prices. By identifying the optimal offer, LOVOO was able to increase subscriptions by a double-digit percentage.

Leanplum’s analytics also revealed how markets in different countries responded differently to the various deals, enabling LOVOO to drive additional revenue. Customization of offers by country was one of the reasons the company was awarded Google’s Fan Favorite App in 2018.

Why LOVOO trusts Leanplum

Leanplum has partnered closely with LOVOO at every step of the customer journey, from setting up tests on pricing and deploying communications to users, to diving deep into analytics and delivering unique value for various market segments. With the 360-view of campaigns that Leanplum delivers, LOVOO can surface all metrics and focus its future marketing investments where they will have the maximum impact.


LOVOO is Europe’s leading dating and social networking app. Based in Dresden and Berlin, Germany, the company changes peoples’ lives by changing how they meet, through location-based algorithms and app radar features. LOVOO is available in 15 languages around the world.

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