Proven Impact

See why mobile apps turn to Leanplum
to engage their customers.


Increased items added to cart by 3.3%

“Leanplum has given us this ability to see how customers respond to small and large changes to our apps. The platform’s ease of use, coupled with some excellent support from the Leanplum team, has helped us to increase our rate of A/B testing and has enhanced our learning of customer behavior on apps.”

Lee Mullins, Optimization Manager at Tesco UK

App Annie

Improved a critical conversion rate by 15%

“When we researched mobile marketing solutions that could handle our daily events and successfully manage a user base that large, Leanplum was the only platform that fit the bill.”

Eric MacKinnon, Director of Product Management for B2C Apps at App Annie


Increased push notification opt-ins by 182%

“The Push Pre-Permissions feature enabled us to engage our users with personalized information that improves their in-app experience. Since implementing Leanplum, we’ve increased conversions and built customer loyalty.”

David Yitzhaki, Head of Mobile Marketing at Last Minute Travel


Grew overall revenue by 17%

With the newly introduced Optimal Time push feature, we not only saw a jump in engagement, but an increase of 17 percent revenue for our promotions. It’s important for us to work with a company that understands what we need and can help us improve our interactions with our community.”

Sébastien BorgetCOO / Co-Founder, Pixowl


Boosted mobile purchase conversions by 14%

“Using Leanplum’s automated trigger and respond approach allowed us to re-engage with our customers in a personal and timely way that put the shopper right back at checkout, making it seamless and easy for them to convert.”

Andrew Laffon, CEO and Co-Founder at Mixbook


Increased product saves by 27%

“Having the right tools to be able to A/B test on mobile allows us to focus on core feature development and push the product forward fast in an agile way. A tight feedback loop is essential to building something really powerful.”

Sean Flannagan, VP of Product at Wanelo


Lifted revenue by 14%

“We saw a 14 percent increase in revenues after turning the promotion 
off. We went from no presence in the US to Top 5 Free in days and Leanplum was there to support our growth.”

Oliver Miao, CEO at Pixelberry Studios


Increased ARPDAU & engagement by 10%

“It’s in our name, but we proved that bigger isn’t always better with tournaments. Our strategy for winning customers and elevating conversions leveraged Leanplum testing to improve our player experience.”

Peter Shah, Product Manager at Big Fish Games


Increased phone call initiations by 3.7%

“With Leanplum, we were able to engage tens of thousands more users inside our core app experience. We created lifecycle campaigns that pushed users to interact with our messaging and calling features soon after registration, leading to a five percent lift in retention. Leanplum has given us the tools to better understand and message our user base, and ultimately help us turn installs into DAU.”

Mark Braatz, GM & VP of Growth at TextNow


Increased Daily Active Users (DAU) by 5%

“Leanplum gives us the flexibility to customize in-app message templates and timing, to reach users when they’re most engaged with a look that matches our brand experience. Because our promotion matched the look and feel of our native UI, users responded with great engagement, giving us a five percent lift in daily active users and increasing their time spent in app by 30 seconds.”

Alex Tarrand, Head of Live Ops at MobilityWare


Increased Page Visits by 140%

“Leanplum helped us launch a series of push notifications and in-app messages that encouraged loyal users to spread the word about our app. The campaign dramatically boosted awareness to drive more organic users to our app.”

Birk Cooper, Chief Marketing Officer at Fetch Rewards


Reactivated 27% of Dormant Users

“Our growth is critically dependent on getting users to come back to Via. With Leanplum, we accelerated our app A/B testing, and leveraged dynamic customer insights to improve retention.”

Ori Klein, VP of Growth at Via


Broke Records With a 43% Lift in Overall Revenue

“Leanplum helped us set new revenue records. The best part is that we did this zero client development – we just toggled the feature on via the Leanplum UI.”

Mark Braatz, GM & VP of Growth at TextNow


Lifted app retention by 47%

“Retention is always a challenge for app developers. Fortunately, Leanplum’s integrated mobile marketing platform helped us engage users even after they went dormant. By A/B testing push notifications within Leanplum’s Lifecycle Engine, we were able to successfully increase user retention by 47 percent.”

Sébastien Borget, COO / Co-Founder, Pixowl