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Leanplum’s out-of-the-box, mobile-first solution enables us to understand our customers’ needs better, communicate with them on a more personal level, and drive engagement with the merchants in our digital ecosystem.

Frazer Adnam,
CRM Marketing Director at Afterpay

Engagement Goals

Imagine this: You make a purchase in a store or online, but instead of an upfront, lump-sum payment, you leverage an app that automatically spreads the cost over eight weeks. No credit card, no interest charges – just four equal installments every two weeks. That’s the simple idea behind the explosive growth of Afterpay.

As the number of users soars, the company’s goal is to ensure that customer acquisition translates into long-term relationships and revenue growth. In particular, the aim is to encourage customers who have registered to move to the next milestones: onboarding and first purchase.

That means harnessing data to better understand customers’ needs and wants, and reaching out to them with personalized experiences. For Afterpay, optimized customer engagement is central to an entirely new approach to retail transactions.


Afterpay carefully studies activity in its installed customer base and leverages Leanplum’s multi-channel customer engagement platform to grow user activity in that segment by delivering timely, personalized experiences at scale. Afterpay installed the Leanplum solution in a multi-channel capacity, across mobile and web applications.

Why Afterpay Trusts Leanplum

With a large segment of its users engaging through mobile, Afterpay needed a solution built for mobile. The company expects Leanplum to play an important ongoing role in enabling even more innovative interactions between Afterpay customers and the growing ecosystem of Afterpay-enabled merchants.

About Afterpay

Afterpay is a technology-driven payments company that facilitates retail transactions by providing a “buy now, pay later” platform that does not require end-customers to enter into a traditional loan or pay upfront fees or interest. Afterpay’s platform is currently integrated with many leading retailers in Australia, the company’s home country, as well as in New Zealand, UK and the United States.

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