Leanplum Announces Top 2017 Trends & Key Data Findings

TL;DR: 2017 is the year of the smart app.


Today, we’re announcing our predictions for 2017 top trends that will drive the future of marketing in an increasingly mobile-first world, including insights from our customers Tinder and Wego.com, as well as industry analyst Forrester. We’re also announcing a series of milestones and key data findings we uncovered in 2016, which further inform the direction of the mobile market.

Our mobile marketing platform is now installed in one in two smartphones worldwide and tracks 10 billion daily user actions. We have tripled our revenue each year for the past two years and expect to triple revenue again this year. In 2016, our platform will have sent more than 33 billion push notifications.

2017 predictions for mobile apps

Based on our internal data analytics, proprietary research, and conversations with influential leaders in mobile marketing, we forecast that 2017 will be the year of the smart app and predict the following top three trends.

1. 2017 Will Highlight the Power of Predictive Analytics

Smart apps will proactively anticipate user desires to satisfy in the moment. Predictive analytics won’t just be an add-on for brands; it will become a must-have to understand and retain users.

“At Tinder, capturing rich data and predicting future behavior is essential to a good user experience. Leanplum empowers us to innately understand user preferences and serve up successful matches. In the near future, predictive analytics will further improve our understanding of trends and patterns, to help us bring more value to every person on Tinder.”

– Jeffrey Morris, Director of Product Management and Revenue at Tinder

2. 2017 Will Give Rise to More Chatbot Technology & Conversational Interfaces Integrated into Smart Apps

More brands will develop the capabilities to deliver customer service, such as predicting bank balances, personalized mobile shopping, and more via artificial intelligence-powered conversations.

“As smartphone communication shifts from voice to text and images, consumers are adopting messaging at an unprecedented pace … Successful chatbots depend on core technology such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning — aided by thousands of iterations to drive learning.”

– Forrester, “The State of Chatbots,” October 2016


3. 2017 Will See Mass Adoption of Intelligent Marketing Automation to Scale Smart Apps

Mobile teams will invest heavily in automation campaigns that contain personalized parameters to move users towards conversions, save acquisition costs and drive more ROI on every new user.

“Mobile marketing in 2017 will further strengthen the need for user retention over acquisition. Rich data will empower mobile teams to automate personalized travel experiences that draw from travel history, price trends, seasonality, and more. Imagine a smarter travel app sending you an offer to book your holiday trip, and featuring options for your favorite airline, flight times you often choose, a hotel where you have a loyalty account, a car rental for your preferred model, and reservations for a hot new restaurant. Mobile teams will be required to innovate and significantly improve the app experience, using automated campaigns that intelligently engage their users throughout their lifecycle.”

– Honey Mittal, Senior Vice President of Product at Wego.com


What to Expect Next

The last year has yielded an explosion of data captured on devices worldwide, with more smartphone owners and more apps downloads than ever before.

“The capture of rich data is ushering a new breed of smart apps that anticipate user needs and deliver value in the moment,” said Momchil Kyurkchiev, Leanplum CEO and co-­founder. “These smart apps fuel hyper-personalized experiences, already felt via innovations in predictive analytics, chatbots, and marketing automation. We look forward to seeing the era of smart apps become the norm, as brands automate one-on-one personalization at scale for every user.”

Download the infographic on Leanplum’s 2017 mobile predictions here: www.leanplum.com/resources/library/mobile-predictions-2017.

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