The Evolution of Mobile Lifecycle Marketing

Why is mobile lifecycle marketing important?

Because it addresses your user’s changing needs. By definition mobile lifecycle marketing should place the customer at the center of the marketing activities. Yet, we continue to see mobile campaigns solely focused on targeting the right messaging for customers at the right time, and missing the opportunity to optimize the experience that users land on when they get to the app. On mobile, the customer journey includes onboarding, engagement, conversion, reactivation and loyalty.

At Leanplum, we are moving mobile marketing beyond initial messaging, and engaging users across the full customer journey by combining hyper-personalized messaging and user experience optimization. Most marketing automation products do not take this extra step, but we believe that you can’t effectively engage your users without understanding the full mobile life cycle.

mobile lifecycle marketing evolution

Leanplum’s new Visual Event Manager enables more sophisticated personalization

What Struggles Do Marketers Face When Supporting Mobile Lifecycle Marketing?

We set out to understand the struggles marketers face when it comes to mobile lifecycle marketing. Here’s what we discovered.

  • Marketers remain stuck at one or two touch points such as onboarding or early engagement because supporting technologies are just playing catch up and cannot optimize across the funnel
  • Message personalization is narrow, only using attributes from user profiles and not leveraging other event or behavioral information
  • Adding more sophisticated tracking means added development resources
  • In-app UI changes require lengthy mobile app store re-submissions
  • Lack of omni-channel support leaves no ability to track events outside of the mobile app

In response, we gathered our team of product leaders, designers, engineers and customer experts with a vision to give mobile marketers the tools for end-to-end customer engagement, all with no coding required.

How Is Mobile Lifecycle Marketing Evolving?

The evolution of mobile marketing can’t be understated. Here is how Leanplum is at the forefront of evolving the future of mobile lifecycle marketing.

Deeper Messaging Personalization

Personalization is the key to success in mobile lifecycle marketing and Leanplum now takes it to a new level, allowing more sophisticated event-triggered messages that include information about the event itself. Current first-generation systems personalize based on user attributes. For example, they allow you to insert a customer name in a message, but not the real-time information about the item they just placed in their cart. Prior to Leanplum, capturing event information would require substantial developer resources to create a workaround by taking behavioral data and storing it as a user attribute. Our new Visual Event Manager, makes it easy for marketers to set-up event tracking and use those events to trigger messaging campaigns, with no coding required.

Easier UI Optimization & Personalization

To make it even easier to optimize app UI, we have  introduced a new Visual UI Editor that makes it a snap to modify, test, and roll-out UI changes in real-time, with no app store re-submission.

More Support for Omni-Channel Marketing

We now have the ability to track events outside of the mobile app. This can ensure, for instance, that a cart abandonment reminder is not pushed to a mobile user that already completed their purchase at a desktop website.

Our customers have been seeing significant results from the breakthrough combination of hyper-personalized messaging and UI optimization. For example, Mixbook one of the fastest growing apps in the mobile commerce space, used Leanplum to A/B test various push notifications to recover abandoned shopping carts, and saw a 14% lift in overall conversions. For MoneyWiz,  Europe’s number one personal finance app, their messaging campaigns have more than doubled seven-day retention.

We will continue with our ambition to empower marketers to win and retain mobile customers. We can’t wait to see the great results. Now go check out the new features!