User Onboarding Explained, in 76 Actionable Tips

Engaging, frictionless onboarding flows are one of the secrets of mobile app retention. That’s why the best mobile teams scour their user data for anything that might improve their flow. But once you’ve finished with the low-hanging fruit, what more can you do? How can app teams continue to optimize their onboarding as the months go by?

To answer this question, our partner Appcues assembled a massive list of 76 tips to optimize your user onboarding flow. These tricks cover every step of the onboarding process, and they’re based on data collected from studying 400+ real-world user onboarding experiences. Even a seasoned pro is sure to find a gem or two — and a single onboarding tweak can be enough to drastically shift key metrics.

We’ve embedded the slides below, so read on to discover what every mobile team can do to build a better onboarding experience for their users.

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