Mobile Masters – How to Track Mobile User Behavior with Analytics

The term “data-driven” has become ubiquitous in an age where information is the currency that buys success in every aspect of a successful marketing campaign. And while raw data is important, it’s the organization and utilization of the data — the analytics — that really drives the push for mobile app companies to continuously strive for application optimization. It’s with this in mind that Leanplum has put data at the center of every feature in our suite, giving you access to robust analytics on mobile user behavior at every stage of your app’s lifecycle.

Baseline Analytics

Before you begin an A/B test or a message trigger campaign, it’s vital that you track user behavior and establish a baseline profile of your customer base. Knowing how user groups are currently using your application will greatly inform how you can make their experience better and increase the value of the relationship between your customers and your app. This understanding of behavioral analytics will also help you to identify where bottlenecks in the app might exist, which will have a profound effect on the kind of A/B testing you will do to address them.

mobile app a b testing

Having a strong sense of your baseline analytics also helps you to see how different user segments interact with your app. Often, certain user groups have very different behavior than others. Demographics, geographical location, and timezone are all common examples of population segments that often have different app usage patterns. Armed with this information, you can start tailoring the app experience for the appropriate segments to ensure a positive experience for all users.

Messaging Analysis

An effective messaging campaign is your conduit to direct communication with your customers. Whether you use push notifications to drive users to your app or send in-app messages to further engage them while they’re already using it, careful analysis of the resulting behavioral trends is key to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

Leanplum gives you the ability to analyze all of your messaging campaigns using all of the metrics being tracked by our SDK. With the growing prominence of clickbait marketing, it’s no longer enough to simply track how many users open a message. The important information is what actions a user takes after they receive the message.

A/B Testing Results

At Leanplum, we believe that the ability to analyze every aspect of your app during an A/B test is the most dynamic and informative way to ensure that you encourage optimal user engagement. Because the amount of resulting data gathered can be intimidating to sift through, we automate the most difficult processes of data science. We automatically calculate the statistical significance of every metric and alert you to any metric that has experienced a statistically significant change based on the test. This automation provides you with strong, math-driven A/B results quickly and easily.

Check back often as we continue to explore the many ways Leanplum can help you to make the most of your mobile app.