Mobile Masters – The Four Commandments of Mobile A/B Testing

A/B testing is a huge part of website optimization, so it’s only fitting that the Leanplum platform began as an A/B testing optimization company for mobile applications. Even as we’ve broadened the scope of our Mobile Lifecycle Marketing solution, we continue to believe in a core tenet of our mission – test everything. Like all of the features of our platform, Leanplum offers a seamless and comprehensive approach to A/B testing. In this post, we’ll explore the four main components of the Leanplum A/B testing framework.

1. Test everything

Our platform allows you to test every piece of content managed by Leanplum. This includes message campaigns (push notifications, in-app messages, and webhooks), user interfaces created using our Visual Interface Editor, and any variables stored in our Content Management System.

The flexibility of our approach allows you to A/B test every interaction between your application and your customers. From the Leanplum dashboard, you can change the UI of the onboarding flow, test the timing of push notifications, and change the call to action on your checkout page. This allows you to truly own your app without any code changes.

a b testing on mobile apps

2. Create multiple experiences

A/B testing requires you to have multiple variations of your app running simultaneously in order for you to use the resulting data to decide which version is best received by your users. Leanplum provides you the ability to create any number of variants per A/B test, which allows you to test multiple values across multiple audiences. Additionally, the test groups and related statistics are automatically created and managed by us for you, making the data analysis quick and easy.

3. Target the right users

We believe that segmentation and targeting are key in any mobile marketing campaign. For example, with Leanplum, you can define a specific audience demographic that will receive notifications or that will have access to new features. You can also select custom segments of your audience for any A/B test, ensuring that the changes being tested are only seen by the appropriate user group.

4. Track metrics

It’s all about the data – without the proper analytics, A/B testing won’t offer you much value. This is why Leanplum automatically analyzes every metric you’ve designated for tracking so that you can determine whether a metric has experienced any statistically significant changes throughout the course of a test. When significant changes are detected, the results are automatically published on your dashboard; this results in a decrease in the time you have to spend calculating metrics and quickly determines which variant is the winner. mobile a/b testing platform With the tools Leanplum puts at your fingertips, you can run A/B tests inside your application and rely on our robust analytic capabilities to select a winning test variant based on strong analytics.

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