Leanplum & Mixpanel – Grow User Engagement and ROI with Data and Insights
Run highly-targeted, behavior-driven campaigns

With an ever increasing competition for users, delivering experiences that keep users engaged is a shared priority amongst marketing, growth and product teams. They know that the key to successful customer experiences is knowing your audience and having the right tools to reach them with relevant messages at the right time. But how do you gain those insights and reach users in the most effective way? Enter Leanplum and Mixpanel.

Our partnership gives innovative teams a competitive advantage. Mixpanel’s behaviorally-driven audience clusters, or “cohorts”, allow for a new level of automated personalization, while Leanplum’s A/B testing and multi-channel engagement platform helps create an experience that keeps users coming back again and again.

Data-driven Product Innovation
A key feature of Leanplum is that it provides a clear view of where and why users engage and convert during a campaign. This allows for deeper insights and powerful learnings for product teams, allowing brands to build products that users love.

With Leanplum, product teams can:

  • A/B test product features and determine which variants drive desired user behaviors
  • Customize the in-app experience based on user & account-level behavioral patterns
  • Align the in-app experience with messaging campaigns to drive end-to-end growth


Data-driven Growth
There’s no question that growth teams love and rely on data. Leanplum allows brands to run campaigns targeted to different user groups across numerous marketing channels: push notifications, email, in-app messages, app inbox, and the in-app experience. Meanwhile, Mixpanel’s powerful behavioral analytics help to even better understand how users engage with a product and surface actionable audience insights that aid in data-driven targeting for maximum impact.

Using Leanplum and Mixpanel together, brands can now with confidence:

  • Identify common behaviors and traits and create “cohorts” for improved reach and targeting
  • Discover where users go or what they have been doing last in the product when they don’t convert so they can optimize the paths to completion
  • Target users at the right stage of their customer journey to maximize engagement and retention, leading to measurable ROI


Top brands are now utilizing data to directly grow revenue. By leveraging Leanplum and Mixpanel your organization can now do the same.

To learn more about the power of using Leanplum and Mixpanel together, visit: https://www.leanplum.com/partners/mixpanel