How This Travel App Increased Push Notification Opt-Ins by 182%

Meet Last Minute Travel, a travel app that maximized its push notification opt-ins through Leanplum.

It’s a one-stop travel app that manages bookings in over 4,500 cities worldwide. Through the app, users receive wholesale prices that are usually reserved for travel agents. Better prices mean users can search flights, hotels, rental cars, and activities to schedule their dream vacation.

Last Minute Travel teams up with Leanplum to triple its push notification opt-in rates


Last Minute Travel wanted to improve its conversion rate for push notification opt-ins, in order to deliver the most relevant messages possible to users. Opting in was a vital first step in the app’s long-term goal to personalize communications and build engaging customer relationships.


After launching its app, Last Minute Travel only obtained a push notification opt-in rate of 22 percent. Compared to the industry standard of 43 percent, Last Minute Travel needed to optimize. It was losing valuable opportunities to communicate with their users on their most personal device.


Last Minute Travel implemented Leanplum’s “Push Pre-Permissions” (previously called Soft Ask Push Permissions) feature. Traditionally, app developers only get one chance to ask for push opt-in through the app store. If a user rejects the prompt, the app loses the ability to message users unless the user manually changes their settings.

Push Pre-Permissions acts as a wall in front of the standard push prompt. It appears at the moment when users are most engaged as a message explaining the value of push notifications.

The logic is that if a user accepts the Push Pre-Permission, the chances of them accepting the subsequent push prompt increases. In this vein, Push Pre-Permissions give apps a second chance to ask for push permissions.

Last Minute Travel started offering the Push Pre-Permissions prompt to all of its new users in the beginning of September 2015. The message relayed the benefits of enabling push notifications, reminding users that the app would send critical information about flight reminders, exclusive coupons, and more.


The test was successful. Through Push Pre-Permissions, Last Minute Travel requested the push opt-in at more optimal times in the user’s experience. Of those who saw and accepted Push Pre-Permissions, 62 percent enabled push permissions. Not only did Last Minute Travel surpass the industry standard, it lifted push notification opt-ins by 182 percent.

A huge part of this success is credited to Push Pre-Permissions’ optimal timing. Last Minute Travel sent Push Pre-Permissions when users were deep in the app, near the registration menu, when users understood the advantages of messaging. Last Minute Travel increased its number of active users, who trusted the app to improve their experience through personalized content.

David Yitzhaki, Last Minute Travel’s head of mobile marketing, was ecstatic about the results:

“The Push Pre-Permissions feature enabled us to engage our users with personalized information that improves their in-app experience.

Since implementing Leanplum, we’ve increased conversions and built customer loyalty.”

What Push Notification Opt-Ins Mean for Marketers

Many marketers are afraid that sending push notifications will annoy, and ultimately drive away, their users. Last Minute Travel’s experience proves the opposite is true. Here, 62 percent of Last Minute Travel’s users crave continuous communication that enhances not only their mobile experience, but their lives. Through push notifications, the app can offer users a great deal on a last-minute flight, saving users money and increasing the app’s revenue. For marketers, the benefits of push notifications are endless. By delivering the right message to the right user at the right time, marketers can engage users throughout their lifetime to boost long-term conversions.

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